Testimonials  Geek-Bar-Chicago

What I like about this bar and restaurant is the entertainment that they provide. There is something new to look forward to every day. It is amazing how they were able to think of such a concept.

This is a restaurant that serves really good food with lots of fun entertainment on the side. You will never get bored. Take note that compared to other restaurants, they really work on their food. It doesn’t at all taste clinical and too commercialized. Instead, they will really give you the real thing. I especially dare you to taste their amazing steak. You will keep coming back for more, I promise you.

Geek Bar Chicago is a nice place with a nice concept. There is no other way to describe this other than fun and entertaining. There are so many arcade games that you can only find here. I never thought that geeks can totally be so cool before. Now that I was exposed to their culture, I want to participate already in the activities that they are so fond of. I learned a lot in the short time that I was at this place. I also managed to know many people who frequent this place. Definitely, I will come back again because this place is so packed with numerous opportunities. Did I say that the food here is great?

This is a nice place to be. I came here once but I was impressed with the place. It is so huge with so many fun and entertaining things to do. I got attracted to the stack of Archie Comics they have here. I know I should have been familiar with it but honestly, it was my first time reading such materials and the content was entertaining. Now, I am already buying these types of comics for my own collection.