GeekBar Chicago

Enter the Wonderful World of Geeks

When one mentions the word geek, the first thing that will come into mind is a large pair of eyeglasses, a person who is very keen on going over math and science problems, socially inept, not very fashionable, and really good in computers. That is the stereotype. No one really can say when that notion started or who came up with it first. But one can very well observe that this is how geeks are portrayed even in popular television shows and movies. Geeks are usually seen as individuals who are obsessed on a specific subject. They are known to be super smart which borders to being a genius at times. One thing is for sure, they are those individuals who are very down on the food chain when it comes to popularity and there are even times when people go out of their way to veer away from them. They are often a subject of hilarity and jokes which make their world smaller. They are a group that doesn’t belong. This is the reason why we have decided to establish a comfortable and safe place for them to be in. That is here, at the Geek Bar Chicago.

Enter the Wonderful World of Geeks

Geek Bar Chicago is not your typical bar. From the name itself, you can already figure out that this is not a hangout place you can find at any other area. Contrary to what many expect, although we celebrate here every form of ‘geekdom,’ this does not cater for geeks alone. In fact, it is for everyone like every other bar is. Why do we do this? The answer is simple. We want to introduce to them the geek culture so that there can be more understanding on their part. Many geeks are being attacked on a regular basis and this is simply because they are different. As such, we want to create a space for everyone to know more about the geek culture. In that way, there could be a better and more harmonious relationship for everyone.

Expect that when you come to this bar, you can see everything geeky. This is starting from the displays up to the TV shows. We are serious in saying that we celebrate the geek culture here. There is an assortment of arcade games that will never give you downtime while you are here. Experience yourself world-class gaming that you can only find here. Plus, there are also other sources of entertainment such as non-stop playing of different kinds of Marvel shows, episodes of Game of Thrones, Star Trek, Star Wars, and more at the different wall mounted TV screens you can find in this place. You can request to get them to play your own geeky TV show if you want. You can request them by sending an email or by calling us.

Since this is still a bar and restaurant, you can expect that there is an abundance of foods and drinks available for you when you come to this place. Check us now by driving out of your garage door in Albuquerque and heading out to our place now.