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About Us

Geek Bar Chicago is made especially for people who crave for the geek life or who are looking to understand better the geek culture. Admit it, not many have gone out of their way to know more about the said culture. In fact, most of the time, the so-called geeks are isolated. Although they are left to do their own devices, they are made to feel as if they do not belong. They are treated differently. This is what we are hoping to address here.

At Geek Bar Chicago, we hope to promote a harmonious relationship between those who are treated as geeks with those who are not. We create a safe place for the geeks so that they can interact with other individuals who know and understand them better while allowing those who are outside the group to know more about them. How do we do the latter? Simple. We expose them to the culture. We allow them to see that at the end of the day, geeks are really not that different from those non-geeks. In that way, we can create a better understanding between these two groups. What more is that we create the process of introduction in a fun and entertainment manner.

Our company was established in 2011 and through those years, we have already managed to gain visitors from a variety of groups – jocks, cheerleaders, students, business people, and of course, geeks. So far, they interacted well with each other. In fact, there are even those who bonded over arcade games, books, series, and even academic-related stuff. They became later on friends.

We invite you to come here in our bar and restaurant soon. In that way, you can witness yourself all the good things we have to offer. Make sure to call us now or email us for more information. We will not let you down if you want to know more about us.