How to Choose Best Epoxy Floor Coating

Are you thinking about changing the floor of your living room, kitchen, or walking path? Epoxy floors are an affordable and seamless option as there is no space for bacteria or other contaminants to grow. It is also a perfect choice for food processing and restaurant businesses. But don’t forget, it is also great for residential building especially for kitchen or toilets.

So, if you want to gets a shiny, glossy, long-lasting, and non-slippery floor, then contact with a Mesa, AZ epoxy flooring contractors to avail the best option. You can conduct DIY epoxy flooring installation wok just by following some easy instructions or hire an expert to do so. There are several epoxy flooring options, you can choose the best based on how much traffic passes on your required area and how often you will have to clean or touch up. Definitely, the cost is the most considerable factor while choosing the epoxy floor coating.

Choices for epoxy flooring


  • Water-based paint

Water-based epoxy flooring is easy to apply, least toxic, durable, and cheapest option for you, if you want something economical for your home. It is a great and user-friendly option for domestic buildings but not so good for industrial purposes that have problems with dampness. Water-based epoxy flooring paints often need annual touch-ups. Some people don’t believe that water-based paint is a real epoxy resin since it does not come with two separate parts like other kinds of epoxy materials. You will not need to mix the hardener with the resin chemical before the application. It is pre-mixed paint that is why it is easy to apply.

  • Two-parts solvent-based paint

The epoxy floor paint is stronger than water-based paint but it is a more toxic option. You have to mix both the parts of the paint before application. You should be cautious and meticulous while applying it. Professional painters claim that it is not user –friendly option for many reasons. But on the opposite side, it is durable and lasts longer than others. Also on the positive side, it is easy to clean and maintain.

  • Two parts 100 percent epoxy solids

It is a perfect choice for you if you want a durable floor. This type of epoxy coating is created through multiply chemical processes that make beautiful, hard, and strong surfaces. Some epoxy flooring experts have claimed that it is more durable than concrete flooring as it is five times stronger and thicker than water-based paint.

Epoxy flooring can enhance the look of your home, office, shop, or restaurant. It also extends the life of your floor by preserving it. An epoxy floor cleaning and maintenance is very easy. It is also impervious to bacteria and mold. You may cover your garage floor with epoxy coating due to its resists’ solvent and chemical lubricant properties. It is available in thousands of colors and styles so, you can choose the best pattern according to your demands and budget. Since, it is easy to apply, clean, and maintain flooring options. It should be considered if you want to redesign your floors.

GeekBar Chicago

Enter the Wonderful World of Geeks

When one mentions the word geek, the first thing that will come into mind is a large pair of eyeglasses, a person who is very keen on going over math and science problems, socially inept, not very fashionable, and really good in computers. That is the stereotype. No one really can say when that notion started or who came up with it first. But one can very well observe that this is how geeks are portrayed even in popular television shows and movies. Geeks are usually seen as individuals who are obsessed on a specific subject. They are known to be super smart which borders to being a genius at times. One thing is for sure, they are those individuals who are very down on the food chain when it comes to popularity and there are even times when people go out of their way to veer away from them. They are often a subject of hilarity and jokes which make their world smaller. They are a group that doesn’t belong. This is the reason why we have decided to establish a comfortable and safe place for them to be in. That is here, at the Geek Bar Chicago.

Enter the Wonderful World of Geeks

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